Bob's Vacuum: Canister Vacuums


Depending on your flooring, there is a canister vacuum cleaner that fits your needs. If you have hard surface flooring, a simple suction only style canister vacuum is ideal. For users with carpeting, an electric power head style canister is best. They even make canister vacuums that offer both cleaning styles for users with mixed flooring.

Bob's Vacuum: Upright Vacuums


Traditionally upright vacuum cleaners are much more common in the households with mostly carpeted flooring. The spinning brush roll easily removes debris from carpeting and gives users the ability to clean what suction only vacuums cannot. Most upright vacuums come with separate attachments allowing users to clean specialty areas as well.

Bob's Vacuum: Commercial Vacuums


When looking for a good commercial vacuum cleaner you need to understand what makes them different than residential vacuum cleaners. The main difference is durability. Where a residential vacuum might get used a couple times a week, commercial vacuum cleaners are often used daily for extended amounts of time. Durable motors, metal parts and ease of design are features that make great commercial cleaners.

Bob's Vacuum: Stick Vacuums

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums are meant to compliment a tradition style vacuum cleaner. Small in size, lightweight in design and convenience are the main characteristics of a good stick vacuum. Ideal for quick pick up jobs, stick vacuums allow users to quickly remove smaller debris from their flooring without the burden of dragging out their full size vacuum cleaner.

Bob's Vacuum: Backpacl Vacuums


Backpack vacuums are truly ideal for commercial cleaning in larger areas. Attachments and floor tools are given with each backpack vacuum allowing for specialized cleaning.

Bob's Vacuum: Handheld Vacuums


Ideal for quick pickups in and around your home to cleaning your vehicle. On some handheld vacuums you can add micro attachments to clean your computer keyboard and more.

Bob's Vacuum: Cordless Vacuums


For those users who are looking for lightweight and easy to use, cord-less vacuums may be your answer. Most can be used on all floor types as well as low- to no-pile carpet and/or area rugs. Ideal for smaller floor space and takes up less storage space than traditional vacuums.


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